Just the Two of Us

Villages disappear every day, but are we sure that this is evolution and not to the end of the world.

Valera and Maro have lived in Svaneti village in Georgia all of their lives. It’s not easy to find them, there is no sign on the road, and there is also no road so to speak. From November till May the family is cut off from the «big land». The last neighbour, Valera’s brother, left the village a year ago. Valera bought the land from everyone who has left. Now the couple of pensioners have 40 ha. of land, 40 head of livestock and a big house to take care of. But it wasn’t always like this. Maro used to work as a teacher and Valera is a true fairy tale bogatyr.

Two of them have three children and several grandchildren. Everyone persuades them to leave the house. But they say that someone must stay to watch after the graves of their ancestors. And so they stay.