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Natasha Sharapova is a documentary photographer and storyteller from Moscow, Russia.

She made her first stories in her hometown, but later in 2016 she left to document the southern part of the Caucasus region. She is inspired by the life stories of common people and places that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Natasha mostly works in places remote from big cities and settlements, where traditions win knowledge, and information is so important that it still can save one’s life. Most of all, she is concerned with the issues of inequality, women’s rights and freedom of choice.


Exhibitions / Honors
2018 Kolga Tbilisi Photo / Georgia
2017 «Young Photographers of Russia» / Russia

2018 Just the Two of Us It’s Nice That
2018 Stolen Brides BirdInFlight 
2017 Georgians took the girls by force and married them Lenta.ru

2017 Workshop by Gueorgui Pinkhassov
2015 «Photography Storytelling» with Sergey Maximishin
2014 Workshop by Andrei Polikanov
2012 Workshop by Igor Mukhin
2010 Professional retraining «Photojournalist and art of photography» / First National School of Television
2008-2003 Finance Academy under the government of Russia

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